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Serving clients in Ottawa, Brockville, L’Orignal, Cornwall, Kingston,
Pembroke and across Ontario since 2008

Going through a divorce, being wrongfully dismissed or enduring a lawsuit can be some of the most stressful events in your life.You need a competent lawyer who cares about his clients and keeping costs in check.

Michael Rappaport Barrister & Solicitor is run by a sole practitioner who practises mainly family law and civil litigation ranging from wrongful dismissal, to estates litigation to commercial disputes. Mr. Rappaport also drafts wills and administers estates. If you need help finding a lawyer in an area outside of Mr. Rappaport’s expertise, he will gladly assist you.


Why hire me?

Competence: I specialize in family law and civil litigation and have over a decade of work experience in law,
journalism, communications and government relations.

Convenience: I am willing to meet with clients before or after standard office hours, make house calls
or visit offices, or meet virtually via Skype.

Cost conscious: I offer reasonable hourly rates and work hard to keep costs in check.

Family Law

Divorce & Property Division

Separation Agreements

Co-Habitation Agreements

Custody &
Access Resolution

Marriage Contracts

Real Estate Transfers

Spousal Support

Negotiated Settlements


Incorporation of new companies-

Estate & Beneficiary Issues

Family Law Rights

Corporate Litigation

Shareholder Disputes

Wrongful Dismissal & Employee/Employer Rights

Real Estate Issues

Debt Collection

Notarial Services

Notarized Documents


Travel and Immigration Letters

Statutory Declarations

Independent Legal Advice Services


Wills & Estates

Powers of Attorney for Property

Powers of Attorney
for Personal Care


Estate & Trust Planning

Administration of Estates

Estate Disputes

Guardianship Issues

Online Wills App

GETTING STARTED : Email us or start right here with our Online Will App. It’s a simple online questionnaire that will guide you through the decisions and information you need to provide so I can get started drafting your estate planning documents.

AFTER  QUESTIONNAIRE IS SUBMITTED:  Once you complete the online questions and payment, the information you provide is safely and securely delivered to our office where we will:

  • Review the information you have submitted;
  • Complete the drafting of your estate planning documents;
  • Email you to schedule an appointment for signing;
  • Ensure the documents are properly signed according to Ontario’s signing and witnessing requirements.


Michael Rappaport practises mainly family law, general civil litigation, wills and estates law, and he also provides notary services.
As a legal journalist, Mr. Rappaport has interviewed hundreds of lawyers across Canada.
If you need help finding a lawyer in an area outside of Mr. Rappaport’s expertise, he will gladly assist you.